Our Jeep Chrysler Dodge and Ram dealer serving the Long Island and Garden City areas has been given a Five Star designation from Chrysler. We are extremely proud of this because this honor is the highest recognition that Chrysler can award a retailer for exceptional customer service. Our number one mission at Town & Country is keeping our customer's beyond happy, and this recognition confirms that we have been successful as an establishment.

In order to become a Chrysler Five Star retailer, the following requirements must be met:

  • Excellent Training
All of the Jeep Chrysler Dodge and Ram consultants, technicians, advisors and parts personnel at our lot near Garden City and Long Island are courteous, knowledgeable and thorough with every interaction they make. Each department has been taught how to process each transaction so that it is done properly and efficiently, leaving each customer highly satisfied.

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
Our real customers are surveyed in order to see that what we preach is actually what we follow. This step on the checklist puts our most important relationships to the test, and is exactly why we are so confident in our service here. It has been proven that our customers leave happy!

  • Customer Follow-Up
Our friendly staff members will contact you within a week after any sales or service experience that you have received. This is a way for us to keep tabs on how we are doing and what needs to be changed or kept exactly how it is.

  • Dealership Requirements

Other important features of a dealership include a facility with a clean and pleasant environment, ample parking and convenient waiting areas. Just like the rest of the categories, we know we pass this one with flying colors.

See For Yourself What It Is To Be A Five Star Retailer

This certification is reviewed continuously to make sure that we maintain these requirements. The only way for us to completely prove our title to you is for you to come in and experience it for yourself. Pay us a visit or give us a call at 877-272--5787 and we guarantee that you will have a pleasant experience from start to finish! We can't wait to provide some of the best auto sales and service around to you.