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You're driving along and the battery warning light symbol comes on your dashboard. There could be multiple explanations for this. You can use process of elimination to figure it out, or come visit our Wantagh area Dodge service center if you want a trusted professional to look your vehicle over!

  • Car Battery itself: Obviously, the light could come on for the car battery. This could suggest it has corroded cable terminals, bad wiring, damaged cells, or plates inside if it's leaking.
  • Alternator: if the alternator is going bad, some easy signs to notice are dimming headlights/dashboard or clock losing time. With the alternator, the battery will continue to run until the battery is drained. If you turn off the engine, you will not be able to restart it if the battery doesn't have enough charge left to power the engine's starter motor.

When To Go To Your Wantagh Area Service Center

If you are still driving the car when the battery symbol comes up on your dashboard, it's important you turn off as many electronic accessories as you can. This can be your USB plug, A/C, stereo, and avoiding using power system such as the windows. This will increase your distance reach without the battery dying. Our Dodge parts center near Wantagh will match your vehicle with the right battery or fix your alternator.

Battery is considered the heart of the car. It's important that you get regular maintenance performed on your Dodge's battery so you can avoid these breakdown situations! Follow your vehicle's specific guide when it comes to getting your battery examined. Also, pay attention to the signals of a weak battery. If you believe you have an issue or the battery warning light comes on your dashboard, contact us at (888) 862-0788 to schedule an appointment to get it fixed.

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