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cleaning sand from your car 

If you’re taking trips to the beach this summer, it’s likely that you’ll get sand in your car. Whether it be from towels or beach chairs, it seems that no matter how careful you are there’s always some amount of sand that you can’t seem to rid from your interior. Luckily, our car dealer near Merrick has a few tips for cleaning sand from your car that are useful and effective. Now, your car won’t have to look worse for the wear thanks to the fun you’ve had on the beach this season.

Sand Cleaning Tips For Merrick Drivers

While sand is tough to get rid of completely, there are several ways that drivers can ensure a cleaner car even after the beach. When you first notice sand in your car, the best move is to get to work quickly. The longer you leave sand to settle in your car, the easier it will be ground into the upholstery and remain in the interior forever. You should start by removing your floor mats, letting them hang from a clothesline, and beating them with a broom to remove excess sand. You can also take a wire bristle brush and comb it over the places where sand has settled, and vacuum the interior while combing for the best results.

If you’re finding that your vehicle looks like it needs some TLC, it might be time to bring it in for some routine maintenance. The experts at our service center near Merrick are here for when you need anything from an oil change, to a simple refresher to keep your vehicle running efficiently. We want our local drivers to have the best on-the-road experience possible, and we’re happy to offer more tips to help make that happen.

For more tips on cleaning sand out of your car, contact us at Town & Country Jeep Chrysler Dodge today!

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