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While you see your car can achieve a certain estimated MPG, you may find it difficult to reach it. The way you drive is a major influence on how the car processes fuel. Our Chrysler dealership is ready to go over some pointers to get more bang for your buck when it comes to filling up the gas tank!

No Specials Trips to the Gas Station

Instead of driving out of your way to a specific station, it's suggested you go to a place near your home or work!

Avoid Speeding

The key to conserving energy is gradual acceleration. Pressing the pedal to the medal not only wastes gas, but pollutes the environment.

Open Your Windows

During the warmer months, put down the windows BEFORE turning on the AC. Use that option to cool your down first. If it's too hot for the open-air treatment, putting down your windows will help your car cool down in half the time.

Do Not Idle

There's a myth that starting your engine uses more gas than leaving it in idle. In reality, it only uses up less than 10 seconds worth of gas. If you're somewhere where you're waiting longer than 30 seconds, it's best to turn off your engine.

Check Your Tires

Properly filled tires will give you the best fuel efficiency. If you have any issues with your current tires, please visit our parts center near Westbury and we'll find the right set for your vehicle.

Push & Coast

When you're coming up to a red light, avoid accelerating and braking at the last minute. It's a complete waste of energy. Instead, we suggest taking your foot off the gas and cruise until you are behind the other vehicle at the light.

Alternative Transportation Methods

If you can, give your vehicle a break and take other ways to get around. This could be using your bike if the destination is close (also a great way to exercise), carpooling, or taking public transit. This will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Regularly Service Your Vehicle

Besides the way you drive, this is the other component for fuel efficiency. Oil level, battery life, and other important systems in your car can affect your average MPG. Get this routine services when needed to promote a healthy vehicle.

If you need to schedule a service to ensure your vehicle is heathly, please contact us at (877) 858-7968.

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